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Shawn's Lectures have been described as "engaging," "filled with vital information," and, "fun and important."

Shawn has lectured and done class activities on Japanese music, Japanese aesthetics in art and culture, Composition, Improvisation, and Composing through improvisation.

Want Shawn as a guest lecturer?
Aiming to create a wider understanding of the arts in general. Shawn is always interested in lecturing for K-12, colleges and universities about the following subjects.

~Japanese Music
~Japanese Aesthetics in Art and Cultures
~Composing with "other" instruments. (instruments outside of the Western World.)
~Composition through Improvisation.

***Pricing is based on event***
For rates and booking please contact Shawn at shawnheadmusic(at)gmail(dot)com



- Renzoh Studios
Shawn offers lessons in Shakuhachi and Composition from beginner to advanced levels.

- Rate
Hour = $60
Half Hour = $35

- Location
Shawn holds lessons on Skype and at his home

- Topics?
In Shakuhachi, Shawn teaches traditional performance from folk songs to temple and zen music, as well as contemporary music.
In composition, Shawn aims to highlight the individual and bring out their intentions in music and help the student develop an individual voice.