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黒田鈴尊 / Reison Kuroda


幼少よりピアノを学ぶ。武満徹作曲「November Steps」を聴いた事が契機となり20歳で尺八に転向。人間国宝・青木鈴翁、三代青木鈴慕各氏に師事。

NHK邦楽オーディション合格。NHK FM"邦楽のひととき"に独奏で出演。
国際尺八コンクール2018 in London優勝。
アンサンブル室町(第13回佐治敬三賞受賞)、邦楽四重奏団(NHK FM邦楽のひととき出演。1stCD「野田暉行邦楽作品集」は"レコード芸術"2016年12月号にて特選盤、"音楽現代"2017年1月号にて推薦盤を獲得)メンバーとして数多くの新作を初演し続けている。
CAPCOM「大神 五重之音調」CD録音他、TV、ラジオ等に音源提供多数。


2015年、山本和智作曲の尺八協奏曲「Roaming liquid for shakuhachi and orchestra」を東京・神戸で世界初演。

2016年にはベルギー・Ars Musicaにコンチェルトのソリストとして招請され、武満徹作曲「November Steps」や、Claude Ledouxの新作尺八コンチェルト等を世界初演のほか、ソロコンサートが開催され、好評を博した。2016年より毎年東京にて完全無伴奏の一人舞台”独演会 Rei-sonic Theater"を開催。(主催/東京コンサーツ)

2017年邦楽四重奏団i n New York(by Asian Society/Japan Faundation)にてスタンディングオベーションの喝采を博す。

Asian Composers Showcase/Tongyeong Int'l Music Festival に出演。


​鈴慕会、日本三曲協会、足立区三曲協会、文京区三曲協会 各会員。


[English Profile]​
Studied under Reibo Aoki (Shakuhachi player nationally designated as a Living National Treasure) and Shoji Aoki in Japan.
Graduated from Waseda University School of Human Sciences in 2007, master’s course of Tokyo University of the Arts, Department Japanese Traditional Music in 2013.

He formed "Hougaku Quartet" in 2011, and started his carrer in through commissioned work to young composers, revival of modern Japanese music around 1970’s and 1980’s, and classics from the Edo period.
The quartet has performed in many composer’s exhibition concerts and 8 independent performances.Appeared on NHK FM "Hogaku no Hitotoki" and displayed the cover of the magazine "Hogaku Jorunal" in 2015.

​Performed Park Bum-Hoon’s Shakuhachi Concerto “Ryu” in Korea Kudara Festival and again in Gongju in 2014.
Gave the first public performance of Kazutomo Yamamoto's shakuhachi concerto "Roaming liquid for shakuhachi and orchestra" and presented it again in Japan in 2015.

Passed the NHK Japanese music audition 2015, and appeared on NHK FM "Hogaku no Hitotoki" as a solo performer.

​In 2016, he won the highest aword at Hidenori Tone Traditional Japanese instruments contest. (ensemble with Hiroyasu Nakajima)
They were featured by a TV program. (NHK Educational TV "Nippon No Geinoh")

He participated in Ars Musica modern music festival in Belgium in 2016, and performed Toru Takemitsu’s "November Steps", Claude Ledoux’s latest shakuhachi concerto, and premier performance for Denis Levaillant’s piece for shakuhachi and chamber orchestra.

In 2018, he won the highest aword at World Shakuhachi Competition in London.

He participated in much recording CAPCOM "Ogami Gojuno Oncho"
CD and so on, TV and radio programs, and he has received many songs from composers. Also a member of Ensemble Muromachi (win the Prize Keizo Saji in 2013)

He is a rare talent working on expanding the possibilities of Shakuhachi through a wide variety of Genres of music, Classic to modern, Jazz and Improvisation.

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