release_date: 2010/07/06
code: ASIN: B003O9HK3O JAN: 0884501332941
description: This CD is based on the navarasa (the nine basic human emotions written in ancient Sanscrit and given life through classical Indian dance) expressed through a combination of shakuhachi, bass, and mouth organ (the Chinese sheng and Japanese shô). The performers on this CD are Christopher Yohmei Blasdel, an American who has lived most of his life in Japan studying Japanese music, and Mark Izu, a Japanese American who has spent his life on the American west coast as a jazz artist and composer deftly utilizing aspects of traditional Asian music. The music is mostly improvised, based on the various rasa themes. Love (Śṛngāram) Interlude for Sita Mirth (Hāsyam) Compassion (Karuṇam) Arjuna’s Laugh Fury (Raudram) Ganesha’s Walk Heroism (Vīram) The Visage of Shiva Fear (Bhayānakam) Dance for Hanuman Disgust (Bībhatsam) Wonder (Adbhutam) Sita’s Return Tranquility (Shanta) Bass Solo Shiva’s Dance (shakuhachi solo)
post_type: discography